RD-450C Remote Replacement Control for NEC LT Series M230X M230X+ M230XG M260W M260W+ M260WS

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:RD-450C
    Brand: Generic
    Condition: Brand new
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    NEC LT Series: LT150Z LT170 LT180 LT180+ LT220 LT240 LT240K LT245 LT25 LT260 LT260K LT265 LT280 LT30 LT30+ LT35 LT35+ LT37 LT37+ LT375 LT380 LT60 M Series: M230X M230X+ M230XG M260W M260W+ M260WS M260WS+ M260X M260X+ M260XC M260XG M260XS M271XG M300W M300W+ M300WS M300X M300X+ M300XC M300XS M300XS+ M350X+ M350XC M350XS M350XS+ M420X+ ME300X+ NP Series: NP100 NP110 NP110+ NP115 NP115+ NP1200 NP210 NP210+ NP215 NP216 NP2200 NP300 NP300+ NP305 NP305+ NP310 NP310+ NP3200 NP40 NP400 NP400+ NP400C NP405 NP405C NP41 NP410 NP410+ NP410W NP42 NP43 NP5 NP50 NP500 NP500+ NP500C NP500W NP500W+ NP500WS NP51 NP510 NP510+ NP510C NP510W NP510WS NP52 NP53 NP54 NP60 NP600 NP600S NP61 NP610 NP610+ NP610C NP610S NP62 NP63 NP63+ NP64 NP700 NP-M260W NP-V260G P Series: P350X+ P420X PN43 PN50 PN54 UM Series: UM280W UM280X UM280XI UM300W UM300X UM330 UM330M UM330WI UM330Wi-WK1 UM330X V Series: V230+ V230X V260 V260X V300X VT Series: VT37 VT375 VT380 VT47 VT470 VT475 VT48 VT480 VT49 VT490 VT491 VT495 VT57 VT570 VT575 VT58 VT580 VT59 VT590 VT590G VT591 VT595 VT650 VT660 VT660K VT670 VT670K VT675 VT676 VT695 VT700 VT800
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.