N2QAYB000328 Replacement Remote Control fit for Panasonic TX-L19C20E TX-L32C10E TX-L32S10B

  • N2QAYB000328 Remote Control fit for TX-L19C20E TX-L32C10E TX-L32S10B TX-P42C10ES TX-L37U10E X-P50S10E TX-P42C10Y TX-P50S11E

    Replace Remote Control for Panasonic N2QAYB000328
    Do not need any programs, just insert the alkaline battery it can work well
    TX-L37S10ES TX-L37S10L TX-P37C10E TX-L32C10B TX-L32C10BA TX-L32C10E TX-P50X10E TX-P50X10Y TX-PF37X10 TX-PF42S10 TX-PF42X10 TX-L32X15B TX-L32X15BA TX-L32X15E TX-PF46S10 TX-PF50S10 TX-PF50X10 TX-L32C10ES TX-L32S10B TX-L32S10BA TX-L32S10BS TX-L32S10E TX-L32S10ES TX-L32S10L TX-L32U10B TX-L26X10Y TX-LF26X10 TX-LF32S10 TX-LF32X10 TX-LF32X15 TX-LF37S10 TX-LF42S10 TX-P37C10B TX-P42C10ES TX-P42C10Y TX-P42C10YS TX-P42S10B
    TX-P42S10E TX-P42S10ES TX-P42S10L TX-P42S11B TX-P42S11E TX-P42U10B TX-P42U10E TX-P42X10B TX-L32U10BA TX-P42X10YS TX-P46S10B TX-P46S10E TX-P50C10B TX-P50C10E TX-L32X10Y TX-L32X10YA TX-L32X15ES TX-L37S10B TX-L37S10E TX-P50S10B TX-P50S10E TX-P50S11B TX-P50S11E TX-P50U10B TX-P50U10E TX-P50X10B TX-L37U10B TX-L37U10E TX-L42S10B TX-L42S10E TX-L42U10E TX-L42U10EA TX-P37C10ES TX-P37C10Y TX-P50C10Y TX-P37C10YS TX-P37X10B
    TX-P37X10E TX-P37X10L TX-P37X10Y TX-P42C10B TX-P42C10E TX-L19C20B TX-L19C20BW TX-L19C20E TX-L19C20EW TX-L19X10B TX-L19X10BW TX-L19X10E TX-L19X10EW TX-L26C10B TX-L26C10E TX-L26C10ES TX-L26X10B TX-L26X10E TX-L26X10L TX-L32U10E TX-L32X10B TX-L32X10BA TX-L32X10E TX-L32X10L TX-P42X10E TX-P42X10L TX-P42X10Y

    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.