GCBLTV02BDBBT Remote Control Replacement for Kogan Smart TV

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:GCBLTV02BDBBT 
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    How to pairing with TV :
    Press and hold the volume "—" and "←" button of the remote at the same time for 3 seconds. The remote control will clear the pairing information and send the pairing broadcast. The red light flashes at 2HZ and the pairing distance is 20-50 cm. If the pairing is successful, the remote control will be red. The light stays on for 3 seconds, if pairing fails after 30 seconds, the red light goes out. 
    Voice connection 
    In the Bluetooth connection state, press the "Voice" button. After receiving the command from the device, the red light on the remote control will turn on and recording starts. The user will speak into the microphone. After 7 seconds or after receiving the command from the device, the remote will turn red. Light off, stop recording 
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.