AN-MR500G Magic Voice Remote Replacement Remote for LG 3D LED LCD TV

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:AN-MR500G
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models:
    LB6300 LB6500 LB7100 LB7200 UB8000 LB6190 LB6100 LB5800 LB7500
    55EC9300 77EG9700 42LB670V-ZA 42LB671V-ZB 42LB671V-ZF 42LB673V-ZB 42LB675V-ZA 42LB677V-ZC 42LB679V-ZF 47LB670V-ZA 47LB671V-ZB 47LB671V-ZF 47LB673V-ZB 47LB675V-ZA 47LB677V-ZC 47LB679V-ZF 50LB670V-ZA 50LB671V-ZB 50LB671V-ZF 50LB673V-ZB 50LB675V-ZA 50LB677V-ZC 50LB679V-ZF 55LB670V-ZA 55LB671V-ZB 55LB671V-ZF 55LB673V-ZB 55LB675V-ZA 55LB677V-ZC 55LB679V-ZF 42LB680V-ZA 42LB680V-ZD 47LB680V-ZA 47LB680V-ZD 55LB680V-ZA 55LB680V-ZD 60LB680V-ZA 60LB680V-ZD 65LB680V-ZA 65LB680V-ZD 42LB690V-ZA 42LB690V-ZC 47LB690V-ZA 47LB690V-ZC 55LB690V-ZA 55LB690V-ZC 42LB720V-ZA 42LB720V-ZB 42LB720V-ZG 47LB720V-ZA 47LB720V-ZB 47LB720V-ZG 55LB720V-ZA 55LB720V-ZB 55LB720V-ZG 60LB720V-ZA 60LB720V-ZB 60LB720V-ZG 65LB720V-ZA 65LB720V-ZB 65LB720V-ZG 42LB730V-ZA 42LB730V-ZD 42LB731V-ZE 47LB730V-ZA 47LB730V-ZD 47LB731V-ZE 55LB730V-ZA 55LB730V-ZD 55LB731V-ZE 65LB730V-ZA 65LB730V-ZD 65LB731V-ZE 49LB860V-ZA 49LB860V-ZB 55LB860V-ZA 55LB860V-ZB 60LB860V-ZA 60LB860V-ZB 49LB870V-ZA 55LB870V-ZA 60LB870V-ZA 42LB6300 47LB6350 47LB6300 55LB6350 55LB6300 60LB6300 65LB6300 42LB6500 60LB7100 47LB6500 65LB7100 50LB6500 70LB7100 55LB6500 60LB6500 55LB7200 50LB6300 42LB6300-UQ 47LB6300-UQ 55LB6300-UQ 60LB6300-US 65LB6300-UE 47LB6350-UQ 55LB6350-UQ 42LB6500-UM 47LB6500-UM 50LB6500-UM 55LB6500-UM 60LB6500-UP 60LB7100-UT 65LB7100-UB 70LB7100-UC 55LB7200-UB ///49UB85** 55UB85** 60UB85** 49UB850T 49UB850T-TA 49UB859Y-TA 55UB850T-TA 55UB859Y-TA 60UB850T-TA 60UB859Y-TA 65UB93** 55UB95** 65UB95** 65UB930T-TA 65UB939Y-TA 55UB950T-TA 55UB959Y-TA 65UB950T-TA 65UB959Y-TA 65UB98** 79UB98** 84UB98** 65UB980T-TA 65UB989Y-TA 65UB980T-TB 65UB989Y-TB 79UB980T-TA 79UB989Y-TA 79UB980T-TB 79UB989Y-TB 84UB980T-TA 84UB989Y-TA 84UB980T-TB 84UB989Y-TB 98UB98** 105UC9* 98UB980T-TA 98UB989Y-TA 98UB980T-TB 98UB989Y-TB 105UC9T-TA 105UC9Y-TA 55UC97** 65UC97** 55UC970T-TA 55UC979Y-TA 65UC970T-TA 65UC979Y-TA 79UG88** 79UG880T-TA 79UG889Y-TA
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.